ABWA’s Objectives



  • To assist its members to prepare legislative and regulatory steps and actions whenever they are non-existing in their countries, review existing regulations which may need improvement and changes to meet international standards and regulations such as Codex Alimentarius.

  • To assist its members to prepare for sale the highest and finest quality of packaged bottled water which will be in the best interest of the industry and the welfare of the general public.

  • To promote through education, government relations and public relations, the use of bottled water as healthy drinking water and as an alternate source for sugared drinks or other beverages.

  • To establish a continuing educational program and technical assistance to industry members, their officers and employees in quality control and the production of the highest possible quality of bottled water.

  • To facilitate the exchange of technical, scientific and government relations information amongst industry members.

  • To correctly implement the Model Code through mandatory annual inspections/audits and Certified Plant Operator programs.

  • To monitor the correct application of the logo of the Association as the quality certification logo on products of members within the territory.

  • To socialize the standards of the Association and to advise the public of qualifying bottler members having passed the standards of the Association through its mandatory annual inspections.