Annual Mandatory Inspections

Pre-Inspections and Annual Mandatory Inspections are done through third parties contracted by ABWA. For Asia (except for Indonesia) and the Middle East, this function is assigned to Johnson Diversey Company (JDC), now part of Sealed Air. Specifically for Indonesia, ABWA has appointed P.T. Suhita Jaya to perform this role with an emphasize on training, inspecting and certifying refill-stations. As a result of the prolonged monetary crisis in Indonesia since 1998 and the incapability of the government to install proper municipal water supply infrastructure, refill-station business mushroomed and has reached a number of more than 7000 units, compared to about 300 branded bottled water manufacturing facilities, throughout the 17,000 island of Indonesia. Both organizations have been approved as authorized inspectors by the International Council of Bottled Water Associations (ICBWA).