Permanent Secretariat

A Permanent Secretariat was formed and operational since October 1993 based in Jakarta. The activities of the Secretariat is, among others, to keep and maintain good communications with members, act as a source of information and provide technical assistance when required either direct or through appointed Technical Consultants, and to keep an on-line link with Headquarters, update data of all members, recruit new members, distribute materials on technical matters/Plant Operator Manuals/Plant Inspection Handbook, negotiate cost and liaise with officially appointed inspection bodies for the Mandatory Inspection Program, and the Certified Plant Operator examination time-table, schedule inspection visits to members' individual plants, organize workshops/training programs/conventions, certification programs, and other events beneficial for members. The Secretariat also publishes the Asia Middle East Bottled Water magazine twice a year, monthly (or more) e-newsletters, monthly technical bulletins and other regulatory or market information.