Who is ABWA

One of the largest and fastest growing International Association is Asia and The Middle East. The ABWA has gone through many changes in its short life as the dynamics of the group have changed. Founded in September 1992, it was initially named the "Far East Chapter" which was later changed to the "Asia Pacific Chapter" and then to the Asia Chapter. With the formation of the new International Council of Bottled Water Associations taking over the role and position of the International Bottled Water Association which is now confined to the United States of America territory only, the Asia Chapter has now become independent and is officially called the Asia Middle East Bottled Water Association (ABWA) since May 2000. ABWA has its own logo, its own training body and a common standard for regulations and inspections through the application of the Model Code. The Model Code is mandatory through mandatory annual inspections for all bottler association members of ICBWA and its International Chapter members. Each member's factory must also have a Certified Plant Operator (CPO). ABWA is a founder member of ICBWA.