Training Center

ABWA's Training Center conducts training and certification programs for Bottler Members to become an International Certified Plant Operator (CPO). ABWA holds Quality Control and Quality Assurance training programs, HACCP-Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and other tailor designed workshops for members and non-members. ABWA also introduce training programs for the Refill-Station working together with the Refill Station Association, the local Department of Health, the Education and Health Sector of the National Police Force and SEAMEO TROPMED of the University of Indonesia.

in addition to that, with the formation of the ASEAN Waters Federation, our activities expand to also cover the infrastructure side of building clean water projects as a service for the region, who needs this type of an assistance.


Training Programs are coordinated by Ita Thaher and Umpol Tuntha-obas. Tailor-made training programs are available to suit the need of a particular company, under the coordination of ABWA's Secretariat.

Annual Mandatory Inspections and Pre-Inspections

Annual Mandatory Inspections will ensure that the end-products of all ABWA international bottler members sold to the consumers are produced in line with the international as well as national standards mandated to members for botled water. Members will be equipped with manuals to help them achieve this accreditation such as a Technical Manual, a Certified Plant Operator Manual, a Model Code, a thorough 143 points Check-List to guide members through the whole inspection process. There are 3 score classifications for passing this inspection:


  • Standard - When a member passes his grade with a score between 75% to 80%.
  • Honorable Mention - When a member passes his grade with a score between 80%-90%.
  • Excellence - When a member passes his grade with a score 90% or exceeding 90%.



Internationally acknowledged Certificates plus Plaques are awarded to ABWA's international members who pass or pass with a higher than Standard scores, plus acknowledgements in ABWA's public relations publications.

Pre-Inspections are inspections conducted on new bottler members. The character of these inspections will be more consultative and advisory rather than audit.

Members will be given ample time to do corrective steps to achieve a Pass or more than a Pass status. Non-critical corrective steps implemented may be reported in writing accompanied by photos.